More About Me

Martin Karaivanov was born and raised in Eastern Europe. Growing up in one of the most historical areas, he continued to develop his passion for real estate focusing on Architecture, Design, and Urban Planning. Having lived in Bulgaria, Spain and The Netherlands, he caters to an international clientele and recognizes the Importance of being able to communicate and interface directly with investors from all over the world in this era of global economy. With his exceptional communication skills, negotiation prowess, and solutions-oriented mindset, Martin expertly navigates even the most complex real estate transactions, ensuring positive and stress-free experience for his clients. His values have translated into his real estate career, where he exercises his many strengths as a luxury agent, consistently delivering results. Martin specializes in selling and marketing some of the most iconic and significant properties to his connections, network of investors and high-net-worth individuals. His love for real estate is contagious and shines through in every single transaction. Martin has built his business using first hand expertise working alongside developers in the initial stages of his career - quickly mastering the art of buying, selling and investing real estate. It’s his ability to create strong, lasting relationships with his clients and his dedication that truly sets him apart. With an unwavering ability to providing top-notch service, Martin brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion to Cervera Real Estate.